Waterproofed panel computer HMI – ABB India

Last year, the AMiT company has started the delivery for panel computers (HMI) for rolling stock of the AWxxx series to ABB India for the driver’s cabin of the WAG-9 series locomotives. The one defining characteristic of these panel computers is being waterproofed. We’ve started delivering these HMI’s based on experience acquired from similar project realised by AMiT in Indian Mombai. The main reason for waterproofing isn’t the protection against spilled liquids, but the air humidity. During operation in warmer climates with inevitably higher levels of air humidity, or in air conditioned cabin with subsequent strong air venting, may lead to the condensation buildup inside the device which can lead to electro-corrosion (among other things). Waterproofing eliminates this fact and allows to operate HMI’s under more extreme conditions without compromising their functionality. We consider this solution as a golden standard here at AMiT nowadays and we aim to offer only waterproofed HMI’s.