ACASYS Studio 2

ACASYS Studio 2 is a program for:

  • off-line analysis of video data stored in a recording unit
  • support tools for displaying live recordings
  • downloading video data from the recording unit

The program consists of:

  • Desktop Reading Unit (PPMA100/ACA)
  • ACASYS Viewer software


Desktop Reading Unit

PPMA100/ACA main features:

  • dedicated to be used with storage unit from recording units PPMA and PPMB
  • designed to be used by dispatchers
  • supports storage unit formatting
  • supports DUAL disk in LINEAR mode (two disks as contiguous disk space) or MIRROR mode (parallel redundant recording)
  • power Supply 230V and LAN patch cord included



The software main features:

  • automatically looks up all connected Units in LAN
  • immediate plays records
  • downloading previews with predefined step in selected time range
  • creation of custom user profiles for players and project properties definition (rotation, mirroring, etc.) with support of saving to XML file
  • exporting records into standard video and audio formats
  • diagnostics of storage device (S.M.A.R.T)
  • firmware update of recording or Desktop Reading Unit
  • bookmarks used for Interesting events marking


Software available:

ACASYS Studio 2the management tool for video and audio records
   PPMA100/ACAthe Desktop Reading Unit
   ACASYS Viewerthe viewer software


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