METRO Minsk (Belarus)

In recent weeks, the Transportation division of the AMiT company has successfully delivered and implemented its first project in Belarus in form of a complete passenger information system (PIS) and TCN for the new METRO cars for Minsk (Belarus) manufactured by CJSC Stadler. In total, AMiT supplied products for 10 metro units, 6 four-car units and 4 five-car units. The contract was realized through a partner of AMiT company EUROMOBILE (St. Petersburg).

The Passenger Information System (PIS) supply included TFT displays, LED panels, RGB led panels, HMI panel computers and as for the audio equipment: intercoms, IP audio amplifiers, speakers and audio gateway units. For TCN communication, AMiT supplied HMI panel computers. Due to the specific features of METRO, the ACASYS IS information system software has been completely re-programmed.

The four-car unit is 78.4 meters long and accommodates 168 seated passengers and 588 standing  (5p/m2), while the five-car unit is 97.7 meters long and accommodates 212 seated and 737 standing passengers.

The first passengers were able to board new METRO cars on 3 lines on 4.2.2020